Who we are

We are a team of professionals with the same goal. We only think about the result and achievement of goals. We have many years of experience in creating successful products that generate income. At the stage of generating the idea we set the investment attractiveness and profitability of the product.

Our principles


The Internet is full of beautiful interfaces that cannot be used. Good interface looks nice. But most importantly that it is convenient to use. We take care of our users by setting appealing design and user-friendly interface


We firmly believe that development can be fast and of high quality. Our main goal is to show the expected result in the shortest time at each stage of development. We use modern methods and technologies that significantly accelerate the process of product creating.


We own a full range of marketing strategies and tactics. We are perfectly able to analyze traffic and convert it into income of product. We make effort to activate, retain and return users to the product. Our advantage is the highly professional marketing department.

Our team

Anton Tkachov
CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Vitaliy Lesev
CBDO (Chief Business Development Officer)
Andrey Komarov
CTO (Chief Technical Officer)
Illia Aleksandrov
CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
Olga Mzhvyachni
CDO (Chief Design Officer)
Alexander Miasoiedov
Head of Back-end department
Ivan Golvinov
Head of Front-end department
Denys Parvadov
Head of Mobile department
Nikita Oznobihin
Head of SEO department
Artem Fedorenko
Head of QA department
Eugene Dmytriiev
Head of Sales department
Oksana Avramenko
Head of HR department