SpotGlas – is a place that brings people and sport together anywhere in the world. Here everyone will be able to find a coach, a team, a camp for a child and has an opportunity to diversify their leisure time. This resource has to become a motivation and the best friend of any person who loves an active lifestyle.

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creation of MVP-version and presentation of the service, which will be completely ready for the first round of investments.

The goal of the resource

Give people an opportunity to find a coach for themselves or their children, book a playground, an equipment and just motivate them to go in for sports.

Any ambitious product wants and must earn money. The objective that we have set: to develop a flexible and transparent monetization model, having prevented all the possible risks.

The process of creation

Step 1

First of all, our development and marketing departments have cooperatively developed an ergonomic website structure. It will help the project to grow without any difficulties, add new entities without destroying the integrity of the architecture and be ranked in search engines.

Step 2

At the same time, numerous studies have been conducted to define the positioning, the target audience and points of further rapid development of the resource in order to increase profits. Thus, separate microservices have been allocated, which should significantly increase the popularity of the resource and its attendance:

  • sports classes
  • sports camps
  • sports bars
  • tournaments
  • sports shops
  • bulletin board
  • online booking of playgrounds and equipment
  • tickets purchase
  • Fantasy Sport
Step 3

The project is written in Ruby, as Ruby on Rails framework makes the development process faster and more flexible. All endpoints are covered by autotests. An optimized and flexible SQL DB architecture has been developed.

Step 4

During the last step of our work, we have created a selling, colorful and elaborated presentation, which aims to attract the attention of potential investors for the next round.

Team work

The project has been successfully implemented only thanks to the well-coordinated work of the team. We are convinced that success is achieved because of the team, and not because of its separate members.


The communication process should not be limited to a specific department - marketing, design and development departments have worked on this project in unison, which has become the key to success.


Also, it is incredibly important to involve the customer in the process of development. He drives the process of implementing his ideas and the final result depends on him no less than on the development team.


At the moment, the MVP-version includes a full and adaptive website for finding coaches, where you can register as a regular user or create a profile of the coach.
There are all the necessary types of pages, site search, city selection and filtering of coaches by advantages, as well as an administrative panel for editing any groups of pages.
The coach has the ability to manage his profile, specify contact details, photos of achievements, write about himself and specify the price. The resource has a basic SEO-optimization and is ready to be ranked by search engines.
Additionally, a presentation for the first round of investments has been prepared. It reveals the essence of the product, marketing research, forecasts, monetization and development plan.