Gotoweb – international high speed platform, that allows users to build a websites from scratch. It does not matter whether you are a professional with technical education or beginner without any experience. Here you have all the necessary tools to build a beautiful website for any needs by yourself. Design your pages just the way you want with a great amount of built in tools. Extended functionality allows all your wishes in construction the personal website to come true without any worries about coding.


How iot works?

Every user can create the MVP-version project and has an opportunity to test it right on the platform. You will be amazed how quickly and easy you can create a website and publish it in the internet. Idea - is all you need, the rest you have on the platform.


The main idea of the project is to give an opportunity for everyone to create a website quickly and with comfort. Use the whole potential of the resource and create reliable websites with pioneer design.

Every user of the platform can choose the most convenient account and get exactly those services, which will help him to turn an idea into his own website.

In addition, the resource provides reselling of domains and marketing services for maximizing personalization and promotion of the website in search engines.

The process of creation

Step 1

Marketing department has developed step by step guide to seo-optimization and contextual advertising specially for the platform. This is used by search engines to display your website on their search results pages based on the keywords in the user's query.

Step 2

Thanks to proper organized work and competent management the project was realized successfully. Due to constant communication between the departments and fully devoted work the team managed to respect all the deadlines.

Step 3

The final result depends not only on the performer but also on the customer, who personally knew the whole team. A specific goal was formed, to which developers were moving constantly contacting and involving the customer in the process of creating the platform.

Step 4

The project is coded by experienced developers on PHP, which gives unlimited functionality and trusted security. This platform is essential tool of every professional.

The design, made in an exclusive corporate style, has a huge number of native elements that allows beginners without any experience to create functional websites amazingly quickly.


At the moment, the MVP version of the product includes a complete platform for creating websites just the way you want.
The resource has been fully tested on efficiency and usability with the help of a focus group of ordinary users and professionals. Also, there is a guide to the proper use of contextual advertising and seo-optimization. It briefly and simply describes all the necessary steps to customize your website. You do not need to additionally hire a promotion specialist or study a new sphere for yourself from scratch.
There is a proper and logical structure on the platform. There are branches for creating personal websites and online stores, where all the necessary sets of functions are provided. You can personalize your personal website by changing the background, text color and font. Online store part lets you customize and organize your store to make it easy for your customers to shop.

Domain names are how people visit your website. There is a unique opportunity to connect your custom domain. Your brand will stand out and will be easy to remember.

It will look great on tablets and mobile phones because all the websites you make are mobile optimized.