Our results increase your revenue

You don’t care about your customers when you don’t have enough budget to cover your employees.

That is why we see our Income Driven Development methodology as an only one fair and reasonable way of working with your product

Our project

Our services

For Bright Idea

Marketing research

Full implementation of your Minimal Viable Product

First leads and income generation

Preparational work and assistance in looking for investors and negotiations with them

For Offline Business

Finding bottle necks and critical places of your processes

Full implementation of your automation solution

Setting up online sales channel

Online branding

For Existing E-product

Increasing Value of your product

Scaling and optimizing your system

Improve your system conversion and increase average order/subscription value

Ongoing support of your system

Key advantages of working with us:

Real and sustainable practical experience to developer your product from idea to iterative enterprise solution

Putting your concrete measurable financial or business goals to the head of all processes

Explicit planning of strategy and tactics to reveal your risks and handle them in the very beginning of implementation path

Precise and transparent reports and your tangible results every day

Cohesive cooperation of marketing, design and development departments to make the most from your product

Following your deadlines, foreseen and inform in advance if any risk suspends them to a later date

Who we are

We are a team of professionals with the same goal. We only think about the result and achievement of goals. We have many years of experience in creating successful products that generate income. At the stage of generating the idea we set the investment attractiveness and profitability of the product.